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Continuing Adventures Diving in diving program the first step beyond Open Water Diver certification. Adventures in diving offers different experience and raining option that range from simple introductions to underwater activities to more challenging experiences, and ultimately to two different certifications.

Adventure program

By now, you’ve probably discovered that diving is more than an end in itself. It’s a vehicle to a wide range of activities and interrelated skills that create adventure, fun and recreation no matter how varied your interests. Continuing Adventures Diving takes you from riding diver propulsion vehicles, to taking pictures or video underwater, to looking for lost objects, to visiting your favorite reef – all of these, or none of these. You choose, with your instructor’s guidance (obviously, some activities aren’t possible in some environments). You can make one adventure dive or many – again, depending on what you want to do. As you make these dives, you develop skills that make diving more fun, more versatile and that expand the types of dives you can make.

The Continuing Adventures Diving consists of 16 Adventure Dives at this writing (there are always new ones being added check with your PADI Instructor or our Dive Center). These include an altitude dive, a boat dive, a deep dive, a diver propulsion vehicle dive (scooter), a drift dive, a dry suit dive, a multilevel dive, a navigation dive, a night dive, a Peak Performance Buoyancy dive, an AWARE fish identification dive, a search and recovery dive, an underwater naturalist dive, an underwater photography dive, an underwater videography dive and a wreck dive. To begin your adventure, you only have to make one – perhaps you’ve got a strong interest in wreck diving and you want to try it. Or, you can qualify for certifications by completing several Adventure Dives. You may try wreck diving and then try fish identification. It’s up to you.

Of the certification you can earn in the Adventures in Diving program, the first option is the PADI Adventure Diver Certification. You earn the Adventure Diver certification by making three Adventure Dives that your instructor choose together. You can do this in as little as a day, but the schedule’s flexible. Any Adventure Dives you make count toward your Adventure Diver certification (with your instructor’s approval) so trying a single Adventure Dive moves you toward Adventure Diver.

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After the PADI Adventure Diver is the PADI Advanced Open Water Diver certification. For the Advanced Open Water Diver certification, you’ll complete the Underwater Navigation and Deep Adventure Dives and three other Adventure Dives that you and your instructor decide on. You can go directly from Open Water Diver to Advanced Open Water Diver, but if you already have the Adventure Diver certification, those dives may count toward your Advanced Open Water Diver certification.

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No matter what your interest, remember that you progress at your pace. You don’t have to do everything at once – you can make an Adventure Dive here and there as your interests dictate, eventually earning the certification that interests you. Or, you can make a weekend of it and go right through.

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