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dive information

Koh Tao dive information! If you looking for the best place for learning to dive and snorkel, Prospective divers heading to the island are spoiled for choice when it comes to dive schools (there’re over 60 dive school on the island), dive instructors, and dive sites. But we recommend you to check dive information about dive school before because if you diving with many peoples on the boat or diving with many peoples in your group, that gonna give you not very fun in your holiday and for the choice of scuba diving system on koh tao Thailand is PADI & SSI.


Scuba dive information between PADI & SSI?

Normally the price of PADI and SSI different around 1000 THB (26 Euro), if you plan to learn Open Water Course the prices on Koh Tao with:

  • SSI around 8600 THB the price are include certificate, Dive in the sea 4 or 5 dives, Diving Equipment.
  • PADI around 9800 THB the price are include certificate, Dive in the sea 4 or 5 dives, Diving Equipment, Manual online (always the link of book manual online still in your email address).

That you can see just a little different only the book but just follow to read the detail, if you not diving for 6 month, do you think you remember all you learn or not? Or if you missing you certificate card in next fill years, what you have to do? when the dive center require you show them of your diving license before joining the dive adventure in the famous dive sport in the world? PADI is the world’s leading scuba diving training organization with more than 6,000 dive shops and resorts worldwide.

If you find comfort in numbers, then the agency with nearly one million certifications per year might just be for you! The major benefit to diving with PADI comes at the professional level. For instructors and divemaster, PADI provides far more employment opportunities, and PADI instructors can work independently.

Dive Information Schedule of Open Water Diver Course on Koh Tao.

DAY 1 Orientations to the course 5.00 pm.
DAY 2 8.00 – 11.00 am. Academics 1,2 and 3
12.00 pm. Confined Water  
DAY 3 8.00 – 11.00 am. Academics 3,4 and final exam
12.00 pm. Open Water 1 & 2 (maximum 12 meters)
DAY 4 8.00 am. Open Water 1 & 2 (maximum 18 meters)
1.00 pm paperwork (get certificate from PADI)  

Dive Information Schedule of Advanced Diver Course on Koh Tao.

DAY 1 8:00 am. Orientation and Navigation Workshop
12:00 pm. Navigation Dive and 1 elective dive
DAY 2 8:00 am. Deep dive and 1 elective dive
12:00 pm. Academics

***Night dive on one of the these day.

Daily Trips on Koh Tao Thailand

Daily Trips Koh Tao

All the dive sites we recommend to go diving and you’ll love it. You will see more different when you’re in underwater some many of them can go deep more than 30 meters and some many of them you’ll see soft coral beautiful color, and get more experience to dive with the wreck on Koh Tao. The famous dive sits around Koh Tao is Chumphon Pinnacle, South West Pinnacle, Shark Island, White Rock, Green Rock, Hin Wong Pinnacle, Laem Thian, Aow Leuk, Mango Bay, Twins Rock, Japanese Garden, HTMS Wreck and more.

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