Diving School on Koh Tao

The diving schools on Koh Tao Thailand have over 50 dive operators, for update on December 2015. They’re offers diving system with PADI and SSI but the many Diving School on Koh Tao try to register the customers to SSI with many promotions, because SSI offers the company with the low profit and the prices on koh tao for learning very cheapest. Many companies try to offers PADI with many optional and many dive school as well fail it, that why so many Diving School on Koh Tao move out from PADI member.


We can’t say PADI or SSI which one is good for you, but we can show some detail in the future of your diving adventure around the world. SSI in koh tao Thailand very famous for the companies or dive school, that for sure you can dive with scuba equipment the same PADI, you can get the certification when you finish the courses, but in the PADI is the world’s leading scuba diving training organization with more than 6,000 dive shops and resorts worldwide.

Czone Diver Preview

  • If you find comfort in numbers, then the agency with nearly one million certifications per year might just be for you! The major benefit to diving with PADI comes at the professional level. For instructors and divemaster, PADI provides far more employment opportunities, and PADI instructors can work independently.
  • If you dive in the famous place and you forget the certificate card with you, how you can do on that holiday? The PADI dive shops can check your certification by online, that very easy way. Because in the world 70% of the centers is PADI.
  • If you not diving for long time and if you need to remind what you learn about diving, how you can do? Because the Diving School on Koh Tao with SSI in koh tao don’t give you the book when you finish with them.
  • If you plan to go professional of diving, do you think you can find the job of SSI or PADI Instructor with the famous place? That you can check around the world for diving there looking for PADI or SSI dive professional.

The prices for learning any diving courses with PADI and SSI that’s different between around 500 THB – 1100 THB, the number not much different, that you can choose what kind of diving system. We hope this information help you go the right way and hope you enjoy the dive in your holiday at Koh Tao Thailand.Logo PADI and Czone Diver Koh Tao

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