Getting to Czone Diver Koh Tao

Getting to Czone Diver Koh Tao, Due to the frequency of late or missed boat trips we ask that customers planning to be picked up from the pier please call us +66(0)77456201 when the boat arrives. We will then send the taxi to meet you at 7-11, which is located just north of the pier. If you would prefer to make your own way to Czone Diver, then you can take any taxi from the pier (there will be many) and ask them to take you to the “Czone Diver at Ban Tao in Chalok Ban Kao”. The journey is only about 3-5 minutes by car (or 20 minutes walking). Motorbikes can also be rented near the pier, however we do not recommend you to rent a motorbike if you are not a confident driver, and avoid renting ‘New Bikes’ as the costs for any damages incurred are very high.

Getting to Czone Diver Koh Tao, that we offers free transfer to pickup all our divers in the pier, make a easy way for you. If you organize to come by yourself the taxi in koh tao charge very high price for service, before you get on the taxi please asking the price first.  

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Koh Tao lies in The Gulf of Thailand, on the eastern coast of the country. Approx. 600km from Bangkok, Koh Tao is easily accessible from all parts of the country. Thailand is well known for its ease of travel. Generally you can leave yourselves in the hands of travel agents who will organize every aspect of your travel needs in an honest and affordable manner. Depending on your start point we can give you some of the best options to reach the island.

How to get to Koh Tao Thailand, we have information and the schedule of the ferry and price update until 2016. click for more information. 

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