Koh Tao Dive Sites

Koh Tao Dive Sites is actually quite good for learn scuba or beginner diver and get more experience for divers. Whale Sharks are sometimes spotted around Koh Tao, and on off shore dive sites like Chumphon Pinnacle, Shark Island, Southwest Pinnacle, White Rock, Hin Wong Pinnacle. Apart from the big stuff, you will also spot turtles, reef sharks, barracudas and all the usual reef life of South East Asia.

The best Koh Tao Dive Sites for learning scuba courses with Try Diving Course and Open Water Course, in confined water on Koh Tao Dive Sites is Aow Leuk, Japanese Garden (Nang Yuan Island), Three Rock. These of dive sites very comfortable, if you’re the beginner diver.   

Chumphon Pinnacle

Chumphon pinnacle is one of the best dive sites in the Gulf of Thailand. It lies about 11 km northwest of Koh Tao Dive Sites and is formed by huge granite pinnacles surrounded by a series of smaller ones. It takes about 40 minutes to get there. Chumpon Widely considered Koh Tao’s premier dive site, Chumphon Pinnacle is also one of the island’s most challenging with occasionally strong currents. Ranging from depths of 12m to 40m, the site is a group of massive rocks arranged in a rough oval and running north to south.

Visibility is superb in season, and the site plays host to a wide variety of pelagics as well as reef fish. Great barracuda, king mackerel, grouper, and tuna throng to Chumphon all year around, and in season whale shark sightings are common. As the site is a fair distance offshore, visitors from the open ocean are unpredictable -sailfish, oceanic white tip sharks and bull sharks have also been spotted.

South West Pinnacle

South West Pinnacle Located 13 km southwest of Koh Tao Dive Sites, the site is made up of seven pinnacles at different depths. Like Chumphon Pinnacle, the site is covered with pink sea anemones on the upper levels. Southwest Pinnacle, a series of rock formations ranging from 4m to 30m and is another of Koh Tao’s top ten.

The tops of the pinnacles are covered with a carpet of anemones in brilliant greens, pinks and blues, with their cavalcade of pink anemone fish. whale sharks are occasional visitors to the site, which is home to large schools of snapper, yellow tail barracuda, as well as fusiliers. Large groupers can be seen here as well, along with scribbled file-fish and masked porcupine fish. The observant diver may spot scorpion fish and stone fish camouflaged on the rocks.

Shark Island

Shark Island is rich in terms of marine diversity! Located only 300 m southeast of Koh Tao Dive Sites, this small, uninhabited Island is surrounded by a colourful belt of corals. Depth ranges from 10 to 22 meters. Shark Island Possibly Koh Tao’s most varied site, Shark Island is a small uninhabited island just to the southeast of Koh Tao Dive Sites. Sloping gently from the surface down to 24m, there is always something new to see here including some of the Gulf of Thailand’s most stunning soft coral.

White eyed moray eels, blue spotted fantail rays, porcupine and puffer fish, and an enormous variety of reef fish are almost guaranteed in the beautiful shallow coral garden, while the fortunate may also see whale sharks, reef sharks and other pelagics on the deeper side. Titan trigger fish add an element of excitement to each dive, and divers often spot turtles and sea snakes.

White Rock

White Rock is features an expansive coral garden that stretches between two distinct granite boulders. With a depth range from 5 to 21 meters, it is suitable for all divers. Say hello to Trevor! White Rock, consisting of two groups of rock separated by a narrow channel of sand (depths from 9m to 24m), is home to Koh Tao’s single most notorious fish: Trevor the Trigger.

A Titan trigger fish that has been the boss of the site for years, Trevor occasionally takes exception to divers disturbing his rest. But no need to spend the dive looking over your shoulder, let our instructors and divemasters keep an eye out while you enjoy the sea snake, turtle, moray, blue spotted ray, butterfly fish or angelfish. Look closely in the stag horn coral for porcupine fish and hermit crabs, and see if you can spot a well-camouflaged scorpion fish or two.

Green Rock

Green Rock is offers both swim-thru for divers as well as nesting areas. Depth varies from 3 to 30 m and some of the swim through are very narrow. Without proper training avoid all “overhead” environments. Green Rock is offers both swim-thru for divers as well as nesting areas. Depth varies from 3 to 30 m and some of the swim through are very narrow. Without proper training avoid all “overhead” environments.

Green rock Fascinating rock. Brightly colored nudibranchs are omnipresent, as are morays, harlequin sweet lips and blue ringed angelfish. White tip reef sharks can be seen from time to time, and at the deeper end of the site large grouper and schools of yellow tail, fusilier and silverfish can be seen. Look out for “the minefield”, where scores of yellow margin and Titan trigger fish have made their nests in sandy pits.

Hin Wong Pinnacle

Hin Wong Pinnacle is lies on the east side of Koh Tao and is a large and very varied site ranging from depths of 10 to 32m. Although visibility here is unpredictable, Hin Wong is covered with lacy sea fans and curly whip corals, as well as file fish, shrimp fish, coral grouper and other reef fish. The resident green turtle is only shy if you get too close. For the macro-minded, Hin Wong also has some beautiful invertebrates such as brightly colored nudibranchs. Don’t miss the impressive bright-blue soft corals at 26+ meters!

Laem Thian

Laem Thian is has a series of swim-thru, caves and canyons along the shallow coastline. Depths range from 6 to 20 meters, so all divers are welcome to explore this isolated dive site on the east-side of Koh Tao. Laem Thian dive site is located on the East side of Koh Tao Island. It is an easy and relaxing diving spot suitable for all level of divers.

The topography is interesting with small caves and swim-throughs worth exploring. The Marine life is great with good chances to spot a Green Turtle, a blue Spotted Stingray, a Grouper or a school of Jacks. Be careful of the large Titan Trigger fish as they can be aggressive! It is also an interesting spot for macro lovers with a good density of nudibranchs and Sea Slugs. The visibility is generally good on the Laem Thian dive site.

Aow Leuk

Aow Leuk is a shallow and very easy diving site in Koh Tao Island. It is a perfect spot to learn scuba diving. The sandy bottom is gently going down with several nice coral formations along the slope. The reef life is nice with beautiful parrot fishes, snappers, juvenile groupers and cute turtles. You can spot a school of yellow tail barracuda too.

Maximum depth is 12 meters deep. It is also a great Snorkeling site and a perfect location for night diving. Aow Leuk is in the bay situated on the East Coast of Koh Tao. Enjoy this peaceful and relaxing place! However this very easy spot is very popular, so it gets crowded during the high season.

Mango Bay

Mango Bay is an excellent dive site with depths ranging from 2 to 14 meters. This popular site is a favorite with beginners and snorkelers, since most of the corals are above 8 meters. You will see mushroom, staghorn, and table corals. Also notice the giant barrel spomges, tiger clams and the tiny but colorful nudibranchs. Amazing bay and great for both snorkeling and diving. Shallow and very relaxed Koh Tao Dive Sites. Great for snorkeling!

Twins Rock

Twins Rock when your instructor told you to look for the small things? Twins is the ideal place to take that advice. Two groups of rocks at depths from 10m to 18m. Your divemaster or instructor may show you the haunts of grouper, panda clownfish and stingrays, but if you take your time and look closely you might also see anemone shrimp, morays, flatworms and pipe fish, as well as cleaner wrasse at their never-ending work.

Check the crevices for baby angelfish keep an eye on the water above for squid and crocodile longtom and look for the dancing fins of the juvenile sweet lips. Twins is located between the three adjoining islands which comprise world-famous Koh Nang Yuan. Twins is made up of two main rocks and a smaller, deeper offshoot (18m). The boulders range in depth from 5 to 18 meters, making this dive site perfectly suitable for beginners (Open Water Course).

Japanese Garden

Japanese Garden is named after the ornate arrangement of the coral boulders on this site. Depths range from 2 to 12 meters and are suitable for snorkelers & beginners. Unlike a Japanese Garden, you will get to see moray eels, trigger fish, sting rays, sea snakes (July-August) and an occasional hawks bill turtle.

Light House

Light house has one of the most beautiful table, lettuce and stag horn corals. Depths range from 4 to 14 meters. Two years ago a fisher boat sank there, the remains still scattered around the dive site. Spot blue-ringed angelfish, porcupine fish, parrot fish, pink anemone fish and occasionally turtles.

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